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Greetings, parents and students! I am again thrilled to have the privilege of teaching and learning from K-5 students identified as intellectually gifted at five wonderful CMCSS elementary schools. I look forward to continuing to work with many familiar students and getting to know new ones. Having majored in psychology as an undergrad, I went on to study education full time in grad school, after realizing my passion for working with children in the classroom setting. I earned a Master of Education degree from Vanderbilt, where I presented my second-year capstone on gender equity in STEM education and related career fields. I have previously worked in many educational settings, both as a classroom teacher and with special populations.
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I believe in teaching all students to think critically, to demonstrate tolerance for differing viewpoints, and to express themselves creatively and with confidence. Speaking with families who know their children across situations and environments, and getting to know each student within the context of our sessions together—their classroom(s), the school, and the many other communities to which we all belong—is fascinating. Let's all do our part to make each individual’s experience as uniquely challenging as possible, while maintaining an environment that is supportive and encouraging.

Hmmm...What do we need to accomplish that?

  1. Be respectful of others' differences (both in existence and views) and then you'll really learn all you can from them.
  2. Be brave enough to take risks and accept mistakes (even in situations where you're not sure others will follow #1 above). Your bravery will inspire others and it just might lead to your best ideas.
  3. Expand your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to approach problems from different angles.
  4. Use creativity. Know the purpose of your work or set a new one that you will be more passionate about. Channel your originality to solve a problem or accomplish a task.