School Counseling     Counseling Mission: The mission of the Ringgold comprehensive school counseling program is to implement social/emotional, academic, and career supports. In collaboration with parents, teachers, administrators, and other important stakeholders, school counselors will assist all students in a diverse and changing world to be exceptional individuals.
Counseling Vision     Counseling Vision: The vision of the Ringgold School Counseling program is to provide our students with the knowledge and skills to help them be successful at school, at home , and in the community.
School Counseling Beliefs     School Counseling Beliefs 1. All students are able to achieve academic excellence that will prepare them for success in the future. 2. Students’ needs are met by creating developmentally appropriate curriculum lessons. 3. School counselors play a role as advocates in that they lead and work along side stakeholders to ensure that all students’ needs are being fulfilled. 4. Professional school counselors along with teachers, parents, administrations, and the surrounding community work together to implement a comprehensive school counseling program that maximizes student achievement. 5. School counselors ensure that the ASCA Ethical Standards will be reflected in decision making to promote success for all students.